Dinner – Special Dishes

V = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free

SD1 Pla Neung See Iew – $32.00
Steamed whole Tarakihi cooked with stir fried spring onions dressed with soy sauce & salad dressing. ( Fish from 600g – 700g )

SD2 Pla Neung Rad Khing – $32.00
Steamed whole Tarakihi cooked with mushrooms, ginger & spring onions. Served with salad dressing. ( Fish from 600g – 700g )

SD3 Pla Rad Prik – $32.00
Deep fried whole Tarakihi & pineapple served with sweet & sour sauce. With salad. ( Fish from 600g – 700g )

SD4 Golden Bell Scallops – $32.00
Deep fried crispy whole scallops, glazed with Tamarind sauce & served with steamed vegetables.

SD5 Goong Golden Bell – $28.00
King Prawns & vegetables cooked in a Thai red curry paste with coconut cream.

SD6 Crispy Fish Fillet ( mild, medium, hot ) – $23.50
Deep fried fish of the day served with a fresh green apple Thai salad.

SD7 Mussaman Lamb Rack – $24.50
Tender three piece rack of prime New Zealand Lamb, slow cooked with potatoes, green beans, peanuts & coconut cream.

SD8 Stir Fried Lamb – $22.50
Prime New Zealand Lamb stir fried with vegetables & black pepper & served on a sizzling hot plate.

SD9 Ped Yang – $35.00
Half a Roast Duck topped with garlic, soy sauce & vegetables.


SD10 Crispy Duck – $25.50
Quarter deboned Duck, battered, deep fried & served on a bed of stir fried vegetables.